HBSA WW1 Commemorative Film

Between 2014 and 2018 the HBSA set out to collect together and demonstration fire as many of the smallarms used in WW1 as we could arrange. These demonstrations were recorded, and have now been edited into our WW1 Commemorative film. This film can now be viewed on YouTube here >>>>

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1m 46s Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) .30 06
2m 23s Lewis machine gun .303
3m 08s Chauchat machine gun 8mm
3m 43s Vickers machine gun .303
4m 23s Maxim machine gun 7.62x54mmR
4m 47s All machine-guns firing

Pistols: Allies:

4m 57s French Ordnance 1873 revolver 11mm
6m 08s French model 1892 revolver 8mm
7m 02s Nagant 1895 revolver 7.62 mm
8m 03s Italian Ordnance 1874 revolver 10.35mm
8m 45s Bodeo 1889 revolver 10.35 mm
9m 42s Beretta 1915 self-loading pistol 9mm
10m 16s Glisenti 1910 self-loading pistol 9mm
11m 01s Browning 1900 self-loading pistol 7.65mm
11m 40s Browning 1903 self-loading pistol 9mm
12m 14s Colt 1908 self-loading pistol .380″
12m 51s Colt 1911 self-loading pistol .45″ ACP
13m 32s Colt New Service revolver .455″
14m 23s Smith & Wesson Triple Lock revolver .455″
15m 10s Smith & Wesson Hand Ejector revolver .455″
15m 45s Spanish “Smith & Wesson” revolver .455”
16m 45s Webley WG revolver .455”
17m 17s Webley Mk V revolver .455″
17m 52s Webley Mk VI revolver .455″
18m 21s Webley Mk VI revolver .22 conversion unit .22RF
19m 12s Webley Fosbery Automatic revolver .455
19m 55s Webley Auto self-loading pistol .455″

Pistols: Central European Powers:

20m 31s Reichsrevolver 1883 revolver 11mm
21m 52s Rast & Gasser 1898 revolver 8mm
23m 14s Mauser C96 self-loading pistol & shoulder stock 7.63 mm
24m 02s Mauser 1914 self-loading pistol 7.65 mm
24m 35s Steyr-Hahn 1912 self-loading pistol 9mm
25m 15s Roth-Steyr 1907 self-loading pistol 8mm
25m 44s Luger P.08 self-loading pistol 9mm

Rifles: Allies:

26m 27s Martini-Henry 1887 single-shot lever-action rifle .577/450″
26m 53s Lee-Metford 1888 magazine bolt-action rifle .303
27m 28s Long Lee-Enfield 1895 magazine bolt-action rifle .303
28m 08s Lee-Enfield 1896 Cavalry Carbine magazine bolt-action rifle .303
28m 41s SMLE 1914 Mk III magazine bolt-action rifle .303
29m 19s SMLE Sniper 1914 scoped magazine bolt-action rifle .303
29m 55s Ross Mk III 1910 magazine straight-pull rifle .303
30m 26s Enfield P1914 magazine bolt-action rifle .303
31m 12s Enfield M1917 magazine bolt-action rifle .30-06
31m 52s Springfield M1903 Sniper scoped magazine bolt-action rifle .30-06
32m 57s Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) .30 06
33m 22s Russian Winchester 1895 magazine lever-action rifle 7.62x54R
34m 14s Moisin Nagant 1891 magazine bolt-action rifle 7.62x54mmR
35m 17s Lebel 1886 M93 magazine bolt-action rifle 8x50mmR
36m 28s Berthier 1890 magazine bolt-action rifle 8x50mmR
36m 57s Moschetto Modelo 1891 Carcano magazine bolt-action rifle 6.5x52mm

37m 32s Jeffrey 1908 magazine bolt-action rifle .333Jeffrey