HBSA Range Practices

To allow members to practise with their historic rifles in a relaxed atmosphere without the pressure of competition, the HBSA book regular range space at Bisley.

Monthly Third Wednesday mornings

Every third Wednesday morning (except December) at Bisley at 100 or 200 yards – check the HBSA Calendar or contact Terry Hoskins  E: midweek@hbsa-uk.org

Monthly Weekend Range Practice

Subject to NRA range availability, the HBSA book a monthly (or more) practice shoot at distances from 200 to 1000 yards. It is not possible to make these bookings fit a regular pattern, so you should study the HBSA Calendar or contact our Rifle Practice organiser  E: rifle.practice@hbsa-uk.org

Firearms usage record keeping

To comply with our legal obligations as a Home Office Approved Club, the HBSA Range Sheets now record the firearm(s) that each shooter uses during our competitions and range practices. That means that the Firearms Usage cards in the Bisley folder are no longer needed by the association, but they remain an important way that YOU can record your firearms usage to support ‘good reason’ for each firearm when you renew your FAC. We would strongly recommend that every member should maintain such a record – you may store your card in our Bisley folder or in your own shooting box