What we Do

Knowledge and Research

  • Publish an annual “Journal” magazine of original research and valuable articles
  • Publish a quarterly “Report” bulletin of topical news, competition results, short articles, advertisements
  • Deliver a monthly lecture on topics relevant to the Association’s obectives
  • Regional groups deliver lectures locally on relevant topics
  • Members and overseas corresponding subscribers share knowledge through the online HBSA Members Forum 
  • This website hosts learned articles on relevant topics
  • The Association maintains a stock of Journal back copies for sale to interested parties
  • Maintains influential relations with legislators, civil servants, police and armed forces, other shooting organisations
  • Support, advocacy and co-ordination of the “Heritage Pistol” (s.7.1 & s.7.3) provision nationwide
  • Supports and actively participates in the Foundation for European Societies of Arms Collectors, in international defence of the right to collect, own and use historic firearms
  • Encourages the continued use of historic firearms to retain and enlarge knowledge of their features and characteristics

Competitions and Range Practice

  • Organizes annually about a dozen unique competitions for a broad range of historic firearms
  • Supports regionally organised competitions
  • Provides one short range and one longer distance range practice each month
  • Supports the Heritage Pistol group based at Bisley

Services to Members