HBSA Council

The Directors, Officers and Council Members elected at the AGM on 25th September 2021 were:

Directors of Historical Breechloading Smallarms Association Ltd

Derek Stimpson
Chris Reid
Tony Cattermole

Council Posts specified in the Articles of Association


Vice President


Christopher Roads
David Penn
Derek Stimpson

Hon. Secretary


Rifle Practice Secretary

Chris Reid
Tony Cattermole
David Carroll

Journal Editor

Section 7 Rep

Membership Registrar

Nick Harlow
Molly Milner
Chris Reid

Welsh Branch Rep

Welsh Branch Rep.

Emma Geear
Phillip Morgan

Ordinary Members of Council

Report Editor

Exhibitions Coordinator

Lectures Coordinator

John Lechner
David Frohnwieser
Matthew Olsson

Junior Section Development Officer

Northern Group Rep

Wessex Group Rep

Andrew Claxton
Allan Kirk

Non Council Posts

Website Manager

E-forum Moderator

Data Protection Officer

Tony Cattermole
Tony Cattermole
Chris Reid