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  • “Wood Goes to War”  Thought some of you might be interested if you haven’t seen this link to the Scottish Film Archive for this half hour gem, a contemporary WW2 documentary, no sound, about the work of the Glasgow furniture-making firm of H. Morris & Co. during the Second World War making No4 furniture.  They also seem to do P14 furniture as well which is intriguing and there are views of what are said to be bouncing bomb” casings in it as well. A very labour intensive process compared to the current robot, CNC manufacturing processes, nice to see the final makers code stamp, N49 if I remember correctly, being applied.  (AD) 
    P-14 stocks:- They had a contract for ‘6000 Stocks Mk.11 w/band stop pin’ dated 21-11-40 (later increased by 100) at a unit cost of £1-4/8.  The completion date is not given, although there is reference to a ‘CIA Completion Report 16/1/46’ which must have been tidying up the contact paperwork at the end of the war.  This may not have been the only contract; there is a reference to another page which I did not follow up at the time – further research needed – think the reference is SUPP 4/313 in the PRO. (JW)