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Website page Picture Image courtesy of
Website page Picture Image courtesy of
About the HBSA Webley-Fosbery, H&H sidelocks, Colt SAA Bonhams 1793 Ltd.
About the HBSA Line drawing of Mauser C96 Guy West
Article – Snider conversion Snider-Enfield rifle Trustees of the DLI Museum
HBSA Council Mugshots Their subjects
HBSA History Drilling, ammunition, WO patt min, H&H, No.4, Mauser, early breechloader David Franklin-Johnson
HBSA History Richly decorated early flintlock hermann-historica.de
Membership Imperial War Museum, London Tony Cattermole
Membership Membership card, Journal and Report covers HBSA
“Old Bill” competition Old Bill Bruce Bairnsfather
Photo album Heritage Pistol & Sporting Rifle BBQ 2012 James West
Photo album HBSA stand at Stoneleigh 2013 David Frohnweiser
Photo Album Stock Exchange Cadets Paul Scholes of the Riley Register
Regions Wessex Irregulars seminar Allan Kirk
Regions Chapel Bay Fort and Armstrong gun George and Emma Geear
“Two Types” competition Two Types Jon Philpin-Jones
Showing 15 items