Mauser C96 self-loading pistol & shoulder stock 7.63 mm

posted 09 November 2021, 1:21 am
01. Original name MAUSER C96 (Construktion)  
02. Other official names   
03. Popular names Broomhandle,”Kuhffusspistole” – cow’s foot pistol, Bolo and “box cannon”  
04. Chamberings 7.63mm x 25, 7.65mm x 21, 9mm x 19, 0.45″ ACP, 9mm Mauser, 8.15mm Mauser, 8mm Glasser  
05. Designed by Fidel, Friedrich and Josef Feederle ( See Sec. 14 below)  
06. Design date 1895  
07. In service date(s) 1896 to 1967  
08. Adopted by Austria-Hungary, Bolivia, Brazil, Finland, Germany, Italy, North Vietnam, Ottoman Empire, First Phillipine Republic, Republic of China (1912 – 1949), China (Korean War), Spain, Soviet Union, Thailand and United Kingdom (Private Purchase WW1)  
09. Production quantities 1,100, 000 plus Large numbers are known to have been produced in Spain and China but actual numbers are unkown due to poor production records  
10. Mechanism Short recoil – semi-automatic  
11. Weight 1.34kg (2lb. 8oz.)  
12. Mountings Could be supplied with a wooden holster which could convert to a “clip on” stock thus converting pistol to a viable “carbine”  
13. Practicality in action Standard pistol was fitted with a 10 round internal magazine filled by “stripper clip”. The position of this magazine provided an unnaturally forward centre of gravity. When loaded with the original 7.63mm x 25 (highest velocity commercial ammuntition available until the advent of 0.357″ Magnum) recoil was said to be described as “noticeable”  
14. Comments / Other information There are varying opinions about who should be credited with the original design of the Model C96. The Feederle brothers were working the in Mauser Design Department at the time. Some consider that Paul Mauser became involved in the design process at a late stage others argue that Paul Mauser initiated the design and the Fedderle Brothers were involved at a later stage. As Paul Mauser was head of the Design Department all would have been involved at some stage. Mauser C96 7.63mm Automatic Pistol (Germany) Introduced in 1896, chambered for the 7.63 Mauser pistol round; has 10-round integral charger-loaded magazine in front of the trigger guard. Often referred to as the “broom handled Mauser” owing to the shape of the butt; Winston Churchill owned an example.