Smith & Wesson Hand Ejector revolver .455

posted 09 November 2021, 1:04 am
01. Original name Smith & Wesson Hand Ejector Second Model  
02. Other official names Pistol Smith & Wesson .455 with 6 ½ inch barrel Mark II  
03. Popular names New Century Hand Ejector, New Model Mk.2;  
04. Chamberings .455 for British and Canadian contracts; 0.455” Webley Mk 2, but in addition to this production, the First Model Hand Ejector was also chambered for 0.44” S&W, 0.45” Colt, 0.44” S&W Russian, 0.44-40 Winchester, 0.450” Eley, 0.38-40 Winchester, 0.45” S&W Special, 0.22” LR.   
05. Designed by Joseph H. Wesson; Amended from the Mk I “Triple-Lock” model 1915  
06. Design date Design finalised 1905, based on developments from 1895  
07. In service date(s) 1915 onwards to 1945  
08. Adopted by British and Canadian Forces  
09. Production quantities 69,755 of which British purchases made up approx. 59,000  
10. Mechanism Double action 6 shot revolver as per Triple lock Mk. I but without the third lock on the yoke. Other minor changes included the loss of the ejector shroud, probably due to cost saving  
11. Weight 38 oz. Approximately 1077 grammes  
12. Mountings British Army webbing holster or Sam Browne  
13. Practicality in action As the Mk I, strong, robust and accurate  
14. Comments / Other information The third lock was believed to be unnecessary because the locking system was already extremely robust, and in service conditions could become clogged and prevent closure of the yoke. It was deleted from the more numerous Second Model. A small number of the First Model were made for target shooting use with pinned partridge front sight and drift adjusted rear, they are accurate and rare. The main drawback to the revolver is the narrow frame above the grips at the back of the frame which the recoil drives into the web between thumb and fore finger