HBSA Shooting programme May & June 2023

posted 15 May 2023, 8:03 pm

Dear Members

Here are the details for May/June shooting:

Wednesday 17th May
  • Midweek practice 100 yds Short Siberia (self marked)

Saturday 3rd June
  • HBSA Annual Sporting Rifle:
    • Running Boar
    • Running Deer
    • Statics Range Practice

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Wednesday 21st June
  • Midweek rifle practice 300 yds Century with marker

    Please note that due to rising range costs and a recent increase to £65.00 per marker (required by the members at these shoots) the cost will have to go up to £15.00 per morning.

Sunday 25th June
  • HBSA Long Range .22 Rimfire and Historic Miniature Rifle Competition 200am 300pm

    We currently have three targets booked morning and afternoon with markers. This costs £397.00 for the morning and £397.00 for the afternoon. Attendance at recent shoots has been poor, if you intend to shoot this competition please enter promptly as I may have to reduce to 2 targets.

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