HBSA Sporting Rifle Day

Our annual HBSA Sporting Rifle day will take place at the usual venue, the British Sporting Rifle Club ranges (BSRC), at Bisley. The ranges include Time Limit, Running Deer, Running Boar, and Sporting Statics.

We may take bookings for up to 30 Full Members for the whole day. You may book for the full day, or either morning or afternoon.

Select Range Fee or AM/PM only
Name of competitor
HBSA Membership No.

Shooting is moving target, Running Deer at 100m (full bore, 8mm limit), Running Boar at 50m (.22RF) and also static targets at 100 yds. Open sights or telescopes. Static targets are boards (hardboard, plywood or similar 36” x 18″ or 20”) which fit into frames and you place on them whatever paper target you wish to shoot.

Larger calibres and Rook Rifles may be allowed at RCO’s discretion on static or moving target as Imperial Historics (IHAM) or Trafalgar practice.

Bring plenty of ammunition as on moving target with electronic scoring we can get through a lot of shooting. Please also bring FAC and SCC as due to restrictions only shooters with both may attend. In addition, bring any specific targets that you may wish to use on the static frames (and a stapler). HBSA range fees apply and booking and payment are now available online above.

The Range Register must be completed prior to shooting.

Please bring sandwiches or make your own arrangements for lunch. 

Look forward to seeing you there for what is usually a jolly good HBSA day, with plenty of shooting.