HBSA Shooting programme June 2023

posted 31 May 2023, 9:57 pm

Dear Members

Here are the details for June shooting:

Saturday 3rd June
  • HBSA Annual Sporting Rifle:
    • Running Boar
    • Running Deer
    • Statics Range Practice

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Wednesday 21st June
  • Midweek rifle practice 300 yds Century with marker

    Please note that due to rising range costs and a recent increase to £65.00 per marker (required by the members at these shoots) the cost will have to go up to £15.00 per morning.
    Please note it is your responsibility to ensure your rifle is zeroed, please do not fire unknown rifles until you have taken them to the zero range.

Sunday 25th June
  • HBSA Long Range .22 Rimfire and Historic Miniature Rifle Competition 200am 300pm

    We currently have three targets booked morning and afternoon with markers. This costs £397.00 for the morning and £397.00 for the afternoon. Attendance at recent shoots has been poor, if you intend to shoot this competition please enter promptly as I may have to reduce to 2 targets.

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