HBSA Journal Vol 4 No 1 (2009) Abstracts

A Treatise on the Albini-Braendlin Fusil Modele 185301867. M/80

Guy & Leonard West

Keywords: Albini-Braendlin, muzzle-loader conversions, Breechloading conversions, Belgian rifles, rifle trials: Belgium, South Australia Italy: Navy, Porugal: Navy, Albini-Baranov, lt. N Baranov, France: Albini, Augusto Albini, Francis Augustus Braendlin, single shot rifles

An explanation of the development of the Albini-Braendlin system for converting muzzle-loading rifles to Breechloading. It covers the initial development, the British trials (1867) and Belgian trials of 1866 as well as the further tests and trials of 1868. Mention is made of other countries use of the Albini-Braendlin system: France, Japan, Australia, Italy, Portugal, Russia, as well as the Bavarian trials (1867). The Belgin issue and acceptance marks are discussed, with models of rifle differentiated. Accoutrements: sling, bayonet, tools, muzzle protector are covered and illustrated. Detail of the Belgian 11mm (11x50R) cartridge are covered as is developing modern loadings.

HBSA Journal Dec. 2009 Vol4 No.1. pp23-29

Collecting rifle clips and chargers. Bill Harriman

Keywords: Mannlicher M95 clips, Mauser clips, Mauser chargers, strip clips, stripper clips, Vetterli charger, Schmidt-Rubin charger, Mosin-Nagant charger, Mannlicher-Carcano charger, FN FAL charger, M16 magazine charger, Enfield .303 charger

An introduction to collecting clips and charger (stripper clips) for rifles. It explains the differences between a clip and a charger for magazines, and has examples of a number of different rifle clips and chargers, such as Bethier 3 and 5 shot clips, Mannlicher 1886, 88 and 95, Commission 88, Mannlicher-Carcano, Vetterli-Vitali, , Garand; chargers for the FN-FAL, .303 Enfield, Mauser 98 and Sturmgewehr, M16 and M1, with magazine adapters.

HBSA Journal Dec. 2009 Vol4 No.1. pp30-46

From Abel to Whitworth: Ian Fleming and the incunabula of modern progress. Clifford Bryant

Keywords: Bibliography, first editions, Ian Fleming

An explanation and outline of the collection of first edition books collected by Ian Fleming

HBSA Journal Dec. 2009 Vol4 No.1. pp47-62

The Vickers Luger Pistol: incontrovertibly made in England.: A case of co-operation or collusion in the post-1918 British and German Smallarms industries. Dr Stephen C Sambrook.

Keywords: Luger pistol, Pistole Parabellum, Dutch luger, KNIL – Koninklijke Niederlandse Indish Leger (Dutch East Indies Army), DWM Model 1906 self-loading pistol. Dutch Pistoll M11,

Proof that the Dutch KNIL issue Luger pistol was made by Vickers 1919-1922, rather than assembled from parts made in Germany by DWM

HBSA Journal Dec. 2009 Vol4 No.1. p63. Book Review

The All New Collectors Guide to Remington Rolling Block Military rifles of the World. George Layman. Mowbray Publishing.

HBSA Journal Dec. 2009 Vol4 No.1. p64. Book Review

The Luger Snail Drum and other accessories for the artillery model Luger. Edward C Sayre. Mowbray Publishing