HBSA Journal Vol 2 No 9 (1996) Abstracts

President’s Address The importance of publishing research, the effect of published research on appreciating values. Dispersal of Harrod Collection and the Greener collection.  the importance of research in revealing heritage so it can be appropriately protected and conserved.

Zundnadelgewhr M/41 Original of the Species by Leonard and Guy A.R. West. introduction, history,production and issue, the M/41 described, action, loading the rifle,air-chamber, markings, Beck system, accessories, cleaning, bayonet, stripping, ammunition, M/47, M/72, shooting, handling, conclusion, data on test rifle, cartridge data, endnotes.

Charles Dunlop Tracy by Stuart Tallack and Jonathan Moore. early life, working in USA, First World War service, Officer in charge of Musketry for the 10th (Service) Battalion, School of sniping, revolver instruction, southern command school of revolver instruction,lectures and demonstrations, Second World War Service, Platoon Commander of Holbrook HQ platoon of the Home Guard, Musketry Instruction, Training Police Officers in the use of the Revolver, obituary.

The Metford Letters January 1881 – May 1881

Book Reviews ‘A Treatise on the British Military Martini Manufacture, Training Arms & Accessories’ by B.A. Temple & I.D. Skennerton Third volume of series 1995. ‘Drill and Rifle Instruction for the Corps of Rifle Volunterrs’ seventh edition 1860 Facsimile edition by Excalibur Publications. ‘British Machine Gun Cartridges 0.4-0.65 inch calibre’s 1870-ca 1905’ by B.A. Temple. ‘World War 1 Armaments and the .303 British Cartridge’ by B.A. Temple. ‘The Art of Shooting with the Rifle’ by Col. Sir H. St John Halford Bart CB ‘Land and Water’ 1888 Facsimile edition by Excalibur Publications. ‘London Gunmakers and the English Duelling Pistol 1770-1830 by Keith Dill Mueseum Restoration Service. ‘The French 1935 Pistols’ by Eugene Medlin and Colin Doane. ‘Aids to Musketry for Officers and NCOs’ by Captain B.J. Friend Secon Edition Facsimile edition by Excalibur Publications.

The Last Rolling Block Remington’s No. 5 Rifles and Carbines by Bill Harriman  history and description, Loenard Geiger’s patent considered, Remington designer Joseph Rider, first large foreign military order to Denmark in 1867, export to Europe and Latin America, differences between No. 5 military rifle and No. 1, description of Remington No. 5 rifles in the  author’s collection.

From Borchardt to Parabellum An Anglo-Swiss Connection by Dr. G.L. Sturgess Swiss self-loading pistol trials, 1893-7, the inception of Luger’s design  and the ‘transitional’ patents, the Swiss trial of 1898, the grand trial of 1899, the final 1899 troop trials, adoption 1900, the model 1899 trials prototypes, the british trials connection, the British trials pistols, the Anglo-Swiss connection, production and distribution of the prototype pistols,