HBSA Journal Vol 2 No 8 (1995) Abstracts

The Royal Arsenal Woolwich by Wesley Harry, Brief History, The Beresford Gate, The Cadets’ Quarters, Verbruggens’ House, The Main Guardhouse, Dial Square, The Royal Laboratory, The Royal Brass Foundry, Riverside Guardhouses, Royal Arsenal Officers’ Mess, The Great Storehouses, Mallet’s Mortar, The Chemical Laboratory, The Wellington Memorial, The Shell Foundry, The Central Offices, Middle Gate House, The Royal Arsenal Railway, Machinery, QAD (Ord), RARDE.

Lord Cottesloe by Dr. Christopher Roads. Obituary John Walgrave Halford Fremantle, the fourth Baron Cottesloe, GBE, TD 1900-1994

The Farquharson Extractor by Molly Millner The Farquharson patent breech-loading action, description and contemporary correspondance

Book Reviews ‘The 100 Greatest Combat Pistols’ by Timothy J Mullin, Paladin Press 1994. ‘Canadian Military Handguns 1855-1985’ by CLive M Law, Museum Restoration Service, Canada 1994. ‘Military Bolt Action Rifles 1841-1918’ by Donald B. Webster, Museum Restoration Service. ‘The Remington-Lee Rifle’ by Eugene Myszkawski Excalibur Publications 1994. ‘The Number 5 Jungle Carbine’ by A.M. Petrillo Excalibur Publications. ‘The Montenegrin Revolver’ by Ian McDowell, Chadstone Computing 1991.