HBSA Journal Vol 2 No 7 (1994) Abstracts

The BSA Pistols by Dr G.L.Sturgess, .45 ACP, .34 belted and .32 ACP BSA pistols, the BSA pistols of 1918, BSA pistol ammunition, conclusion.

Book Reviews ‘Military Handguns of France 1858-1958’ by Eugene Medlin and Jean Huon, Excalibur Publications. ‘The Owen Gun’ by Wayne Wardman.

The Sharps in England 1853-1896 by D.W. Bailey Part 2: The Metallic Cartridge Period, Tipping & Lawden’s (and Webley’s) licensed copies 1860-1879, The new model 1866, the 1867 ordnance select committee trials, design developments 1868-1877, Sir Henry Halford and his Sharps, model 1878, or Sharps-Borchardt, the Webley collection, the Sharps shotgun, the english catalogue, Frank Hyde,conclusion.

The Vernier/Ventometer Sight Gauges by Major George Gear description, brief history and catalogue extracts, Manufacturer’s instructions on how to use the vernier 1889 for the Parker’s new vernier and wind gauge,

The Metford Letters December 1878