HBSA Journal Vol 2 No 6 (1993) Abstracts

Maxims Pistols by Dr G.L. Sturgess, The initial designs, British Patent 14047 of 1885, British Patent 7354 of 1886, the .45″ M.P. cartridge, the later pistols – Maxim & Silverman’s 1896 patent, the surviving 1896 Maxim-Silverman pistols, conclusion

J.J. Marks by Mr R. Milner, JJ marks on commercial Colt firearms retailed in Great Britain.

R.K. Wilson and the Schoenberger-Laumann by Mr C.L. Bryant, Laumann’s mechanical repeating pistol, the arrival of true automaticity, Laumann’s self-loading pistol mechanism, the Laumann self-loading pistol, the Schoenberger-Laumann, ammunition, a rival claim, conclusion, dimensions of Laumann and Schoenberger pistols, cartridge data, a note on R.K. Wilson.

450-455 Cartridges by C. Valentine. The first article, covering the introduction of the .450″ to the .455″ Mk 1,

Book Reviews “Sotilaskasiaseet Soumessa 1918-88” by Markku Palokangas, Arms Historic Society of Finland, 1991, ‘The Lee Enfield Number 1 Rifles and The Lee Enfield Number 4 Rifles’, by A.M. Petrillo, Excalibur Publications.