HBSA Journal Vol 2 No 5 (1992) Abstracts

The Sharps in England 1853-1881, Part 1 Percussion. by De Witt Bailey description of sharps action, discussion of trials at hythe 1855, British order for 1000 cavalry carbines july 1855, British order for 6000 carbines november 1855, correspondence regarding orders. Use of carbines in India, description of ammunition,

Borchardt’sche Selbstlade Pistole by Dr. G.L. Sturgess Borchardt’s early history emigration to US, work at winchester and sharps rifle co., return to europe in 1880, work in Budapest, association with George Luger and Loewe, the Borchardt C93 pistol, pre production prototypes, pistol marking and detail variations, loewe production, DWM production, military trials, Borchardt Ammunition, Borchardt’s self-loading pistol patents.

The Metford Letters March 1878 – April 1878