HBSA Journal Vol 2 No 4 (1991) Abstracts

Presidents Address – Comment on the Metford Letters

Editorial –  Resumption of publication of the Metford Letters, Thanks to contributors, Call for articles

The Development of Breechloading Target Rifles in Germany from 1885 to 1935 by Elmar Weigand Bund, article describing the work of Carl Wilhelm Aydt, Description of Aydt block Action System, work with C. G. Haenel company Suhl, aydt accessories, reloading, fate of gun in germany in 1945. Udo Anschutz modified aydt system, Neuman, Mauser rifle in 8.15 x 46R rifle.

The 11.43mm Turkish Peabody-Martini Model 1871 Infantry Rifle by Bill Harriman, introduction, historical background, providence tool company contract, Peabody in action – the siege of Plevna,physical characteristics, bayonets, cartridges, appraisal.

The Metford Letters March 1878

Book Reviews ‘Gun Digest 1991’ by Ken Warner, ‘Waffen SS Uniforms in Colour Photographs’ by Andrew Steven and Peter Amodio 1990