HBSA Journal Vol 2 No 1 (1988) Abstracts

President’s Address – Comment on changes to the Criminal Justice Bill since Hungerford.

Editorial – Thanks to contributors

Max Baker’s article on Wild Fowling Guns and Ammunition from “Yachting Monthly” 1909, description of guns and equipment used by wildfowlers. comparison of guns from 12 bore to punt guns. the use of smokeless and black powder. Col Davis’s launch. two inch breech loading punt gun. Description of punt gun cartridges.

Four Bore Shotgun and Rifle Cases Description, dimensions and images. Cartridges by Eley, Kynoch, J.P. & S.V., Zundh & Patr Fabrik,

Discussion of Tool for recapping centre fire paper cartridges by Kynoch, extracts from Kynoch Catalogue 1884

System Roux, discussion of the action with pictures of examples.

The Martin Lens Sight from Alex Martin 1909 fishing catalogue. plus images of an actual sight provided by Jim Hallam.

Parker-Hale Universal Optical Sight Set from “A.G. Parker Catalogue” June 1932 P163.