British Pistol, signal, Very’s cartridge, Mark III

01. Original name Pistol, signal, Very’s cartridge, Mark III  
02. Other official names Webley & Scott Mark III Signal Pistol  
03. Popular names   
04. Chamberings 1″  
05. Designed by Webley & Scott  
06. Design date 1910  
07. In service date(s) 1910 – 1918  
08. Adopted by British Navy, Army and Air Force  
09. Production quantities 300,000   
10. Mechanism Brass frame and 4″ barrel. Thumb cocked single action. Tip up barrel with stirrup latch; cannot be loaded with hammer cocked  
11. Weight 2.75lb (1.25kg)  
12. Mountings Leather holster  
13. Practicality in action   
14. Comments / Other information During the war the design was modified with a longer flared barrel to prevent burnt hands from accidental discharge during loading