Webley Mk VI revolver .455″

01. Original name Webley & Scott Mark VI Service Revolver  
02. Other official names Service Pattern Revolver  
03. Popular names   
04. Chamberings .455  
05. Designed by Webley & Scott Limited  
06. Design date LoC 24 May 1915  
07. In service date(s) 1915 – 1919 and later into the inter-war years  
08. Adopted by Common to both land, sea and air services  
09. Production quantities Production commenced in April 1915 prior to official adoption. Total production during the war was in excess of 310,000. So popular was the Mark VI that factory production did not completely stop until 1954  
10. Mechanism 6 shot, hinge frame conventional single action (thumb cocking) and double action (trigger cocking) mechanism  
11. Weight 2 lbs 6½ oz  
12. Mountings   
13. Practicality in action Sturdy dependable medium range weapon for defensive or offensive action  
14. Comments / Other information Arguably the best combat revolver ever made