Spanish “Smith & Wesson” revolver .455”

01. Original name Pistol OP No.1 Mk 1 and Pistol OP No.2 Mk1  
02. Other official names   
03. Popular names Spanish Smith & Wesson .455  
04. Chamberings .455 Revolver Service Revolver Cartridge 265gr (17.2gms) Lead /Jacketed Bullet from a rimmed straight case at aprox 600fps (180mps)  
05. Designed by Copy of 1880’s Smith and Wesson design  
06. Design date 1880’s  
07. In service date(s) 1915 Made Obsolete in 1921   
08. Adopted by UK, as an additional arm to supplement shortages for Wartime Issue  
09. Production quantities Unknown. Manufactured by Garate y Compania and Tracola ,Arazabal y Compania; both of Elbar Spain  
10. Mechanism Top Break hinged Frame Self ejecting 6 Shot Single /Double Action Revolver with Fixed Sights   
11. Weight 2lb (907gms) 10”(25cm) long with 5” (12.5cm) Barrel   
12. Mountings   
13. Practicality in action Easily reloaded with self ejecting action  
14. Comments / Other information Ordered by the British government in 1915 due to shortages in Small arms in War. An Old design hence the OP designation Contracted arms were all British proofed / inspected and marked. As some Spanish copies of various small arms were of varying quality. The No1&2 designations indicating which Spanish company manufactured that arm not a variation in design. A stopgap arm only