SMLE 1914 Mk III* magazine bolt-action rifle .303

01. Original name Short, Magazine, Lee Enfield Mk. III  
02. Other official names Rifle No. 1 Mk. III  
03. Popular names ‘Smellie’  
04. Chamberings .303  
05. Designed by James Paris Lee, RSAF Enfield  
06. Design date 1907  
07. In service date(s) 1907 to 1950s in British service  
08. Adopted by UK and Commonwealth  
09. Production quantities Production of the III / III* was carried out at RSAF Enfield (2,235,000), BSA Co. (2,000,000), LSA Co. (430,000), Lithgow (Australia) 640,580 and Ishapore (India) 1,400,000. (Approximate figures).  
10. Mechanism Bolt Action  
11. Weight 3.71kg (8.18lbs)  
12. Mountings Bayonet (Pattern 1907)  
13. Practicality in action High  
14. Comments / Other information This version of the famous SMLE was approved as a wartime expedient to decrease both production time and cost on 2nd January 1916, although both BSA and RSAF Enfield had already produced limited quantities. The Mk. III* differed from the Mk. III in the elimination of the long-range dial and aperture sights, the windage adjustment on the rear sight, the magazine cut-off, the lug on the firing pin collar and the swivel lugs at the front of the trigger guard. Soon after introduction, the brass butt marking disc was also omitted but in most other respects, the Mk. III* was similar to the Mk. III. Australian and Indian production of the Mk. III* continued through WW2, even into the 1950s, while BSA’s production cease towards the end of WW2. A change in nomenclature in 1926 meant the name changed from SMLE Mk. III* to Rifle No. 1 Mk. III*.