Ross Mk III 1910 magazine straight-pull rifle .303

01. Original name Ross Mk. III  
02. Other official names Model 1910  
03. Popular names   
04. Chamberings .303  
05. Designed by Sir Charles Ross  
06. Design date 1896  
07. In service date(s) 1905-1916  
08. Adopted by Canada  
09. Production quantities 420,000 (all variants)  
10. Mechanism Straight Pull  
11. Weight 4.48kg (9.87lbs)  
12. Mountings Bayonet  
13. Practicality in action Low  
14. Comments / Other information Designed in the late 19th Century and loosely based on the Mannlicher rifle, several target and sporting models had been produced between 1897 and 1902. A small diplomatic disagreement between the UK and Canada led to the rifle being adopted by the Canadian Government in 1902. While a very accurate rifle on the target range, frontline conditions during World War I showed the design to be highly susceptible to jamming and so by 1916 it had been withdrawn in favour of the Lee Enfield.