Reichsrevolver 1883 revolver 11mm

01. Original name M1883 Reichsrevolver  
02. Other official names Reichs-Commissions-Revolver Modell 1883 ; M83  
03. Popular names Officer Model (unofficial)  
04. Chamberings 11mm German Service Revolver (Black Powder), also referred to as 10.55mm, 10.6mm or 10.8mm German Service or Ordinance revolver or 10.6x25mmR)  
05. Designed by Designed by a Commission  
06. Design date 1879 (Model M79) later redesignated M83 has a shorter 5” barrel  
07. In service date(s) 1883–1908 although it also saw service in World War 2  
08. Adopted by German Empire  
09. Production quantities Approx 130 000 for both models M79 and M83  
10. Mechanism Six Shot, Side gate loading, Single action only revolver  
11. Weight 1040g  
12. Mountings Most were fitted with a Lanyard Ring  
13. Practicality in action A heavy handgun, slow and cumbersome to reload, however its chambering provide sufficient ballistic performance, compatible to to 45ACP or 44S&Wesson Russian  
14. Comments / Other information This revolver features an unconventional Safety Lever usually absent from revolvers