Mauser 1914 self-loading pistol 7.65 mm

01. Original name Mauser Selbstladepistole Kal 7.65 (Self loading Pistol)  
02. Other official names Model 1914 Taschen-Pistolen (Pocket Pistol) Mauser Selbstladepistole Kal 7.65 (Self loading Pistol) Model 1914 Armeepistole (Military pistol) Mauser-7.65 Mauser 1914 Humpback (first 2850 made)  
03. Popular names Mauser 1914 Self loading pistol  
04. Chamberings 7.65 mm Browning as standard (also known as 7.65×17mmSR or 32ACP) .45ACP (prototype) M20 4mm Practice ammunition  
05. Designed by Josef Nickl  
06. Design date 1910 (Upscaled model 1910  
07. In service date(s) Since release in 1914 throughout WW1 and WW2  
08. Adopted by German Army (Primarily Navy and Air Force) who ordered about 100000 Brazilian Navy Popular with police and paramilitary groups around the world  
09. Production quantities Approximately 500000 (Hundreds of thousands more if the 1914/34 variant is counted)  
10. Mechanism Short recoil blowback semi automatic pistol  
11. Weight 600g  
12. Mountings Combination holster/sholder stock which could be attached to the pistol in the same manner as the well known Mauser C96  
13. Practicality in action 8 shot removable box magazine, moderate recoil, sufficiently powerful cartridge for its intended purpose  
14. Comments / Other information The Mauser 1914 pistol is a scaled up version of the Mauser 1910 which in turn is chambered in 6.35mm Browning (also known as .25 ACP or 6.35×16mmSR). There is a number of variants of the 1914 pistol available