Mauser 1898 Karabiner98 magazine bolt-action rifle 7.92×57mm

01. Original name Mauser K98AZ  
02. Other official names 7.92mm Infantry Rifle Model 1898  
03. Popular names K98  
04. Chamberings 8mm Mauser (7.92x57mm)  
05. Designed by Waffenfabrik Mauser AG  
06. Design date 1905-1907  
07. In service date(s) 1908  
08. Adopted by Germany  
09. Production quantities Around 1,500,000 short rifles (of all variants) were produced by the end of WW1  
10. Mechanism Bolt Action  
11. Weight 3.7kg (8.2lbs)  
12. Mountings Bayonet  
13. Practicality in action High  
14. Comments / Other information Adopted in 1908, the K98AZ essentially replaced the original K98 (K standing for Karabiner) which had been trialled in 1898 and made in Erfurt between 1903 and 1905. The new S-Patrone cartridge was too powerful for the short carbine causing excessive recoil as well as a foot-long muzzle flash. The longer barrelled carbine (in reality, a short rifle) was heavier and therefore reduced recoil and muzzle flash to an acceptable level. The action is similar to the G98 but the external diameter of the receiver ring is smaller. It was issued to the cavalry, foot artillery, bicyclists, pioneers, telegraphists, telephonists, as well as air, airship and transport units. It was later renamed the Kar98a.