Lee-Enfield 1896 Cavalry Carbine magazine bolt-action rifle .303

01. Original name Magazine Lee-Enfield Cavalry Carbine   
02. Other official names   
03. Popular names MLE  
04. Chamberings .303”, a few were later sleeved and used as .22 training rifle  
05. Designed by James Paris Lee, RSAF Enfield  
06. Design date The Lee-Enfield Cavalry Carbine evolved from the Lee-Metford Carbine which was approved in September 1894  
07. In service date(s) Mk1 approved 17th August 1896, Mk1* approved 19th May 1899  
08. Adopted by Great Britain & Colonies  
09. Production quantities 18,686  
10. Mechanism Bolt action, 6 round magazine  
11. Weight 7 lbs 6ozs  
12. Mountings   
13. Practicality in action   
14. Comments / Other information The Cavalry Carbine differs from the MLE carbine by way of having no sling swivels and a sprung barrel band retainer. On the standard carbine a new nosecap was fabricated to allow the fitting of a Pattern 1888 bayonet to the 11200 standard carbines provided to the RIC and to forces in New Zealand of which 1500 were manufactured. The Mk1* differs from the Mk1 by the omission of the cleaning road which were abolished in 1899