Jeffrey 1908 magazine bolt-action rifle .333Jeffrey

01. Original name .333 Jeffery Rimless Nitro Express  
02. Other official names .333 Jeffery  
03. Popular names .333 Jeffery Rimless Nitro Express  
04. Chamberings .333 Jeffery Rimless cartridge; Bullet details: 250 & 300 grn. These have optimum sectional density for penetration  
05. Designed by W J Jeffery & Co  
06. Design date 1908  
07. In service date(s) Kynoch ceased manufacture of the cartridge in 1950s. Kynamco (David Little) started a “boutique” production in the 1990s.  
08. Adopted by A sporting rifle adopted by the Army in 1914/15 for tackling German snipers  
09. Production quantities modest – within low hundreds  
10. Mechanism Mauser bolt action  
11. Weight Varies but say 9 to 9.5lbs  
12. Mountings   
13. Practicality in action useful medium calibre for most game in Africa  
14. Comments / Other information this cartridge gives tremendous penetration, especially with the 300 grain bullet, and for this reason was used at the front during WW1 to penetrate German sniper plates which were thicker than ours, and which .303 would not go through. See references to Hesketh-Pritchard’s tests.The cartridge uses the same case as the .404 Jeffery necked down. They were introduced at roughly the same time. A rimmed version was made for double rifles.