Italian Ordnance 1874 revolver 10.35mm

01. Original name Chamelot-Delvigne model 1874 revolver  
02. Other official names Pistola a rotazione modello 1874  
03. Popular names Italian Ordnance 1874 revolver 10.35mm  
04. Chamberings 10.35mm Italian Ordnance  
05. Designed by J. Chamelot and Henri-Gustave Delvigne  
06. Design date 1874, as a centrefire version of the Swiss Model 1872 rimfire revolver  
07. In service date(s) 1874 through to the Fascist regime  
08. Adopted by Italy  
09. Production quantities 12,000  
10. Mechanism Chamelot-Delvigne with Schmidt modifications  
11. Weight 1150 grammes  
12. Mountings Leather belt holster  
13. Practicality in action Considered robust and reliable  
14. Comments / Other information The precursor of the Bodeo model 1889 ( shown in the following clip ) is the Chamelot Delvigne model 1874 in 10.35 mm initially imported from Belgium ( Pirlot Brothers in Liege) and later on manufactured by the Glisenti Arms Factory in Brescia and from the Brescia arsenal up to 1889 when the Bodeo model 1889 was introduced. Manufactured by Pirlot Frères, Glisenti and Brescia. Superseded for first-line troops by the Bodeo revolver in 1889