Glisenti 1910 self-loading pistol 9mm

01. Original name Pistola Italiana Mod. 1910 calibro mm 9  
02. Other official names Pistola automatica Glisenti; pistola semiautomatica mod. 1910  
03. Popular names Glisenti pistol  
04. Chamberings 9x19mm (9mm Glisenti)  
05. Designed by Abiel Bethel Ravelli   
06. Design date 1906  
07. In service date(s) 1910-1935. Withdrawn from front-line use after 1915  
08. Adopted by Italy  
09. Production quantities Around 33,000  
10. Mechanism Locked-breach retarded blowback  
11. Weight 865 grammes  
12. Mountings Leather belt holster with a pocket for a spare magazine  
13. Practicality in action Underpowered and fragile, and soon withdrawn for issue to second-line troops  
14. Comments / Other information At first chambered for a 7.65x21mm bottleneck cartridge. The 9mm Glisenti round has the same dimensions as the 9mm Parabellum, but is much less powerful