Colt 1908 self-loading pistol .380″

01. Original name Colt Model 1908 Pocket .380  
02. Other official names Colt Model M .380 ACP  
03. Popular names Colt Model 1908 Pocket Hammerless  
04. Chamberings .380 ACP (380 Automatic/9mm Kurz/9x17mm)  
05. Designed by John Moses Browning  
06. Design date 3 April 1902 (patent application for .32 ACP precursor)  
07. In service date(s) Produced from March 1908 until June 1945  
08. Adopted by 3,500 were purchased by the US Army in 1942 as personal defence sidearms, and for issue to General officers. A batch was procured by the British Government in 1921 for use in Ulster by security forces. Some were also purchased privately by Allied military officers  
09. Production quantities 138,009 (.380 variant only)  
10. Mechanism A straight blow-back semi-automatic with a concealed hammer. In addition to a thumb-operated safety, a manual grip safety is fitted. The grip safety, introduced in May 1903 on the near-identical .32 precursor model, was the first such safety on any pistol. The detachable magazine, released by a heel catch on the butt, holds seven rounds  
11. Weight 652g empty  
12. Mountings   
13. Practicality in action Designed to be easily concealed, with few protruding controls, and with rudimentary sights, to avoid snagging on clothing. The calibre was considered to be effective for personal defence in an emergency only  
14. Comments / Other information Considered very advanced when introduced, this pistol was adopted by plain-clothed police, and by criminals. Manufacture ceased in 1945 when Colt decided that replacement of the worn tooling was not financially viable