Bodeo 1889 revolver 10.35 mm

01. Original name Pistola a Rotazione System Bordeo modello 1889  
02. Other official names 10.35 Bordeo /10.4 Bodeo  
03. Popular names 10.35 Italian service Revolver   
04. Chamberings 10.35/10.4mm (same Cartridge) Rimmed Black Powder with a lead bullet 11gms / 175grs @ 253mps/ 840fps  
05. Designed by An Italian Committee Chaired By Bodeo  
06. Design date 1889 Refined from a Mod 1874  
07. In service date(s) 1889 to 1945  
08. Adopted by Italy and also later Germany in WW2 as reserve arm  
09. Production quantities Manufactured by as many as 5 companies inc Bernadelli 200,000 +  
10. Mechanism A Double Action 6 shot Solid Frame Revolver made both with a Trigger Guard and without that having a Folding Trigger. 4 ½” Octagonal and Round Barrels. A Hammer Safety preventing discharge except from fully cocked position. Fixed Sights  
11. Weight 950gms 2.1lbs with 4 ½” barrel  
12. Mountings   
13. Practicality in action A simple reliable rugged revolver remaining in service for over 50 yrs  
14. Comments / Other information Issued to Officers/ NCO’s and Trumpeters also used by the Caribiniere (Police).By WW1 issued to Machine Gun Crews and support troops not in direct Combat