HBSA Long Range .22 Rimfire and Historic Miniature Rifle Competition

posted 13 March 2022, 10:47 am

Next Sunday 20th March we are holding our open Long Range Rimfire competitions on Century Range at Bisley.

Shot at 200yards in the morning and 300 after lunch, we have a wide range of classes:


  • HISTORIC MRSB: Classic & Veteran Miniature Rimfire Rifles with ANY contemporaneous sights
  • HISTORIC TRSB: Classic & Veteran Miniature Rimfire Rifles with IRON contemporaneous sights
    (no wrist rest permitted)
  • MRSB: Any 22RF rifle, any sights
  • TRSB: Any 22RF rifle, iron sights only (no wrist rest permitted)
  • SRSB: Classic & Veteran Miniature Bore Training & Converted Service Rifles
    (0.22”rf, .297”/.230”, .310” Cadet &c, service pattern sights only, no wrist rest permitted )

Online booking will remain open for another couple of days here >>>>