Vickers demonstration shoot

posted 29 June 2022, 7:04 pm

This year is the centenary of the disbandment of the Machine Gun Corps (MGC). To commemorate this important anniversary, the NRA will host a demonstration of Vickers MG on Sunday 3 July on Century Range, from 4pm. Members and guests are welcome to attend.

The MGC played a pivotal role in the First World War, delivering battle winning innovation to the development and employment of automatic firepower and early efforts to mechanise the British Army. It also paid a very heavy price in terms of causalities, which earnt it the name the Suicide Club. For these reasons it is fitting to commemorate the MGC.

The commemoration is being led by the Vickers Machinegun Collection and Research Association (VMGCRA). Gun crews will be wearing period uniform for each era, and there will be a commentary. It is planned that the live fire demonstration will include a Company’s worth of Vickers MGs – up to 16 MGs – firing at 200 yds on Century, allowing as many people as possible to view.

This event is FREE to attend. Any visitors to Bisley are to follow signs to the Corral Car Park on the left hand side of Century range. We encourage all visitors to bring ear protection if possible, there will be some available at the event also.