PPS-43 7.62mmTokarev sub machine gun

posted 10 November 2021, 11:38 pm
01. Original name : PPS-43 Russian: ППС – “Пистолет-пулемёт Судаева” or “Pistolet-pulemyot Sudayeva”, in English “Sudayev’s submachine-gun”  
02. Other official names M/44, PPS wz. 43, PPS wz. 43/52, PPS-43c, Type 54, DUX-53, DUX-59, K-50M, PPS-43, M53  
03. Popular names   
04. Chamberings 7.62×25mm Tokarev  
05. Designed by I.K. Bezruchko-Vysotsky and A. I. Sudayev  
06. Design date 1943  
07. In service date(s) 1943–1960s (USSR) ; 1943–present (other countries)  
08. Adopted by USSR; Albania, Algeria, Cambodia, China, Cuba, Estonia Estonian partisans, Finland, Georgia, Grenada, Guinea Bissau, Bulgaria, Indonesia, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Mongolia, North Korea, Poland, Rhodesia, São Tomé and Príncipe, Soviet Union, Somalia, Sierra Leone, South West Africa People’s Organisation.svg SWAPO, Nazi Germany, North Vietnam, Ukraine, Separatist forces of the war in Donbass  
09. Production quantities about 2,000,000 (USSR)  
10. Mechanism Blowback, open bolt 600–700 rounds/min (cyclic rate); 100 rounds/min (effective rate)  
11. Weight 3.04 kg (6.7 lb)  
12. Mountings Sling, 35-round curved detachable box magazine  
13. Practicality in action Even when compared to modern weapons, the PPS 43’s simplicity of design (many parts serve multiple purposes) and manufacture, along with its reliability and ease of use, and remarkably effective safety system, cause it to be rated as one of the best submachine guns ever made  
14. Comments / Other information The PPS-43 represented an improved and cheaper to produce form of the base PPS-42. As success always dictated production in a time of war, the PPS-42 was forged into the equally successful PPS-43. Mass production began in the middle of 1943 and the PPS-43 became a standard Soviet Army weapon throughout the rest of World War 2. Cost-cutting methods included the use of less machine operations in the production process, bringing the overall production cost of the weapon down substantially. Other major modifications included the shortening of the barrel and folding stock. PPS-43 7.62mm Sub Machine Gun (USSR) (WW2) Introduced in 1943; designed by A.I. Sudarev (modification of his PPS-42); chambered for the 7.62mm Tokarev round; uses 35-round box magazine (special to the model); cyclic rate about 700 rpm; weight without magazine 7.4lb. The PPs-42 was designed and produced in Leningrad during the siege.