Lead and HSE consultation

posted 09 August 2022, 9:32 pm

The topic of lead was discussed at the last BSSC meeting and a working group was formed to assist with the BSSC response to the HSE consultation. The group has had one meeting and is working to put the case for retaining lead in ammunition where possible, and notably where there is no food or wider environment involved. This would of course cover use of historic breechloading arms and muzzle loading arms for target shooting in particular. 

The quarry shooting situation has already been addressed by the organisations involved. 
See following text from the NRA who are part of the working group.
” Proposals to Ban Lead in Ammunition
We have carefully reviewed the questions posed in the HSE consultation in their recent report that proposed restrictions on the:
1.       use of lead bullets for outdoor target shooting, with a derogation for shooting at licensed ranges with appropriate environmental protection measures;
2.       use of lead bullets for hunting; and 
3.       sale and use of lead shot, with a derogation for authorised athletes on licensed ranges.
Working with the major target and quarry shooting organisations, we have decided to survey regional range operators, clubs and members to improve the accuracy of our response to the consultation.
The survey, to be published later this month, will include questions on lead recovery from ranges, quantities of lead projectile used, and use of non-lead alternatives.
The public consultation on the HSE report lasts for six months and closes at 23:59  on 6 November 2022.”

We shall report further news in good time to allow responses to the consultation prior to the closing date in November. 


Derek Stimpson