HBSA Report anno XXVI (1999)

Volume 1

Shooting Matters
A Profile of Hans Busk
The N.R.A. Museum – Bisley

Volume 2

First International Congress on Heritage Arms
My Jungle Carbine & I
Section 7.3 Heritage Shooting at Bisley
Pistols, Swords & Bayonets, & Machine Guns
Webley & Scott Model 1N 800
Webley & Scott Pistol Survey

Volume 3

The History of Gunmaking in Suhl
HBSA / NRA Heritage Arms Catalogue
Phoenix Trade Show
HBSA Schutzen Group
Precision Reloading: New Cartridge Case Preparation
Marshall’s Patent
Webley & Scott Pistol, Self-loading Mark I
Shooting in Oman

Volume 4

Literature of the Martial Use of the Pistol
Shooting Sergeant McBride’s Silver Bullets
More Insights Into Walter Winnans
Of Matters Lebel
Period Documented use of the Webley Pistol, .455 Self-loading