HBSA Report anno XXXXIX (2022)

Volume 1

Honorary Secretary’s Report
Legislative Update
The Presient’s Cup
My First Gun
HBSA Lectures
Walther Factory Cutaway Models
Book Review: Australian Military Cartridges
A Genuine Attic Find
Mosin-Nagant VZ91/38
The 15.24mm Russian Krnka Cartridge
A Presentation Webley Problem
Long Lee Dial Sights in the South African War 1899-1902
Not Often Seen
A “Mummy” Returns
HBSA Merchandise and Advertisements
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Volume 2

Legislative Update
Adaptations and Design Flaws in the Boer Mauser Carbine
Bannerman of Brooklyn
An interesting item from Shanghai
Members Advertisements
Book Review: The Calisher & Terry in British and Colonial Military Service 1856-1900
The 4.25mm Menz Liliput Pistol
PGH Suhl Hubertus Combination Rifle
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Volume 3

Tribute to Her Majesty The Queen
HBSA President’s Address
HBSA Chairman’s Report 2021/ 22
Update on Gunmaker C.W.Andrews and the .375 Nitro Express Lee-Speed Rifle
Boer War “Open Shoot”
Rare Wanzl Photograph
Book Review: The Boer War in Colour
Members Advertisements
Not Often Seen: Cogswell & Harrison War Office Pattern Miniature .22LR Training Rifle
My First Gun
The Clement Model 1903 Pistol
G98 Sniper rifle – a rare survivor from WW1
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Volume 4

Legislative Update
Professor Schiaparelli’s Vetterlis
Not Often Seen: Lorenz Infanteriegewehr
An unusual Velo-Dog revolver
American Use of the Boys AT Rifle
Original Sturmgewehr 44 User Manual – A Translation
G98 Sniper rifle – a follow-up
Book Review: Pistols of the Warlords (Chinese Domestic Handguns (1911-1945)
An Auction Find
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