HBSA Report anno XXVIII (2001)

Volume 1

Some Non-mechanical Factors in the Adoption of Military Rifles in the 19th Century
Glisenti – Shlementi!
Great War Postcard
Police Firearms, Police Snipers
Heritage Pistol – Research & Study

Volume 2

Occasion Use of Vintage Section 1 Firearms
General Pitt Rivers Breechloading Rifle
P. Webley & Sons v. C. Frederick Lowe
Officer’s Private Purchase Pistols 1850 – 1969
Russia: AN-94 Assault Rifle
The Threat to Shotgun Ownership
Lecture Notes

Volume 3

The .32 Calibre Pocket Revolver
Coopers Wedge
Richards & Cooper Patent
A Snider Action Pistol
Auditor – Lecture Notes

Volume 4

A Simplified Guide to the Explosives Regulations
Sniders and Magdela
The 9 Pounder hale Rocket
The Maria Theresa Thaler
Jacob Snider’s Patents
Revolvers and Their Uses (Part 1)
Auditor – Lecture Notes