Luger Story – The Borchardt & Luger Automatic Pistols

This documentary tells the story of the competition among rival pistol designers to be the first to supply the world’s military with self-loading pistols. And it shows how Hugo Borchardt’s design, using a locking mechanism from a Smith & Wesson pistol of 1855, led to the iconic pistol we know as the Luger.

The DVD features live-firing of self-loading pistols over 110 years old and demonstrates the Old and New models, 7.65mm, 9mm, the Navy Luger, the carbines, the LP08 and the Snail Drum magazine.

Running time: 74min. Available in both PAL & NTSC (updated 17Feb20)  Copies may be ordered here >>>
Based upon The Borchardt & Luger Automatic Pistols, Volumes 1-3: a Technical History for Collectors From C93 to P.08
by Joachim Gortz and Dr. Geoffrey Sturgess
3 volumes in slip case + full PDF e-book + Parabellum DVD
ISBN 10: 0972781579 / ISBN 13: 9780972781572
Published by Brad Simpson Publishing & G L Sturgess, 2012
Dr Sturgess still has stock of the book in the UK and this is available directly from him for GPB 220 (including courier delivery in the UK – Paypal or UK bank transfer can be accepted) – orders  including full postal address and a phone contact number to