HBSA Journal Volume 5 (2019 – 2028)

HBSA Journal
Vol 5 No 1

Hunting for Different Game – The Sniper Rifle Production of James Purdey and James Woodward 1914-1918 by Dr Nicholas A Harlow. Scoped Holland & Holland, Lee-Speed 303, Periscope Prism Co, Aldis scope, Winchester scope.

Feeding the Gatlings – Part 2 – Feed boxes and Magazine by Peter G Smithurst. Broadwell Drum, Russian 0.42 Gatling, Accles drum & Bruce feed, 45-70 feed box

From Ostrobothnia to the Caucasus – The Smuggling of Swiss Vetterlis to Russian Activists in 1905 by Robert Wilsey. SS John Grafton, Grafton-rifles, gun running in Finland, Zilliacus, Akashi, SS Sirius, Vetterli M1869/71, Webley 455 revolvers, Mauser C96 pistols

A Most Uncommon War Weapon – The Remington Model 14 ½ Slide-action High Power Rifle by Luke Mercaldo. British Royal Navy, 44-40 (44 WCF), Royal Naval Air Service

Mauser Pistolen – Vorsprung Durch Technik III Mauser Pistols Progress Through Technology 1944 to 1945 by Graham Norgett. Mauser pistol development, Allied bombing, sheet steel wedge lock 9mmP, falling barrel breech, gas retarded blowback

The Von Oppen Letters February 1875 –  April 1875. Colt’s Patent FireArms Manufacturing Co. Office & Depot, 14 Pall Mall, S.W.London, Prussian Spandau Trials Colt M1873, Liege steel, nickel plating patent, competition with Remington and Smith & Wesson

Nicholas Harlow, Peter Smithurst, Colonel Robert Wilsey, Luke Mercaldo, Graham Norgett

HBSA Journal
Vol 5 No 2

Building a better mousetrap; The Development and Patent of the Beesley Action by Dr Nicholas A Harlow. Frederick Beesley, James the Younger Purdey, hammerless gun, rebounding mainspring, Beesley indenture, British Patent 31 of 1880, Belgian Patent 52603, US Patent 10281

The Service History of the Calisher and Terry Carbine 1856-1875 by Tom Heptinstall. Patent 843 of 1856, British Army adopted 1858, 18th Hussars, East India Co, Royal Navy, Natal Carbineers, Cape Mounted Rifles, Confederacy, private purchases

Aptierter Chassepot-Karabiner Modell 1871; also featuring Carabine de Cavalerie à Cheval Modèle 1866 by Guy and Leonard A-R-West FHBSA. 11Mm Scharfe Patrone Modell 1871, ammunition, action details, markings, Modell 1873 (Saxon), evaluation, bayonets

The Von Oppen Letters April 1875 – October 1875. Colt’s Patent Firearms Manufacturing Co. Office & Depot, 14 Pall Mall, S.W.London, M.Gilon’s self-extracting revolver, obsolete nipple revolvers and revolving rifles, nickel plating embrittled screws, Webley solid-frame revolvers, Re five shot revolvers.mington shop abandoned, loading gate for .38

Nick Harlow, Tom Heptinstall, Guy an Leonard Alston-Roberts-West

HBSA Journal
Vol 5 No 3

Fulminate Propulsion – An unusual 19th century path to cartridge firearms. Part 1: Béatus Béringer, the inventor by Matthew Schneiderman and T.E.Bradstreet.  French patents 5512 5695, horizontally-rotating-chamber, breech cap

Infanteriegeweer Model 1871/88 Beaumont (Geweer Klein Kaliber) by Guy and Leonard A-R-West FHBSA. Beaumont-Vitali, two-piece bolt knob, Vitali magazine, Petrus Stevens Maastricht, cruciform socket bayonet, 11x52R cartridge, Atjeh War

An Officer’s Kit: The Sale of Handguns by James Purdey & Sons during World War One by DR Nicholas A Harlow. Colt New Service, Webley Mark V Mark VI, WG Army, Webley auto, Webley-Fosbery, Colt Government Model, Colt automatics,

The Von Oppen Letters October 1875 –  November 1875. Colt’s Patent FireArms Manufacturing Co. Office & Depot, 14 Pall Mall, S.W.London, Pieri thumb-release rifle, loading gate and London trademark, trial pistols

Guy and Leonard Alston-Roberts-West, Matthew Schneiderman, Nick Harlow