Vickers machine gun .303

13. Practicality in action   
01. Original name Vickers machine gun  
02. Other official names Machine gun mark 1, Vickers .303 inch  
03. Popular names Vickers gun  
05. Designed by Vickers; Used the design of the maxim and improved it  
04. Chamberings .303 British. Also in .30-06, 11mm Vickers Modified for many nations in many calibres  
06. Design date 1912  
07. In service date(s) 1912-1968 (officially)  
08. Adopted by Firstly United Kingdom and Australia. Most other armies around the world  
09. Production quantities A true figure is not known  
10. Mechanism Recoil with gas boost. Water cooled  
11. Weight 15-23kgs 33-51lbs  
12. Mountings Tripod mounted. Ground troop use required a 6-8 man team Was extensively used on aircraft. Twin synchronized Vickers used on planes  
14. Comments / Other information When the Lewis gun was adopted as light machine gun the Vickers gun was redefined as heavy machine gun. Removed from infantry units and used in the newly formed machine gun corps. 250 material belt fed heavy machine gun. Water cooled. Sustained rate of fire of 450-500 rpm. Effective range 2187 yds. Maximum range of 4500yds