Maxim machine gun 7.62x54mmR

05. Designed by Hiram S Maxim  
09. Production quantities 225,000+: 72,000 MG08; 130,000 MG08/15; 23,000 LMG08/15  
10. Mechanism Short recoil, toggle locked (water cooled)  
01. Original name PM M1910 (Пулемёт Максима образца 1910 года, Pulemyot Maxima obraztsa 1910 goda  
02. Other official names Maxim’s machine gun model 1910; Maxim 7.92; Maschinengewehr 08  
03. Popular names Russian Maxim; M1910  
06. Design date 1909-1910; adaption of the 1884 design  
07. In service date(s) 1908-1945 (Germany);1911-1960s (China); Romania to late 1970s  
08. Adopted by Bulgaria, Republic of China, People’s Republic of China, Estonia, Finland, Democratic Republic of Georgia, Hungary, Iran, North Korea, Latvia, Mongolia, Second Polish Republic, South Korea, Russian Empire / White movement, Russian SFSR, Romania – From the 1940s until at least the 1970s, Second Spanish Republic, Soviet Union, Syria, Turkey, Ukraine, North Vietnam, South Vietnam  
11. Weight 64.3 kg (139.6 lbs) including wheeled mount  
12. Mountings Tripod, Wheeled mount, Anti-Aircraft mount, Naval mount  
14. Comments / Other information Variants: Maxim’s machine gun model 1910 on a wheeled Sokolov’s mount, Maxim’s machine gun model 1915 on a wheeled Kolesnikov’s mount, Model 1905, Maxim’s machine gun model 1910/30 on a wheeled Vladimirov’s mount, Finish Maxim M/09-21 & Maxim M/32-33, Second Polish Republic Maxim wz. 1910/28. It was adopted in 1910 and was derived from Hiram Maxim’s Maxim gun, chambered for the standard Russian 7.62×54mmR rifle cartridge. The M1910 was mounted on a wheeled mount with a gun shield and was replaced in Soviet service by the SG-43 Goryunov, which retained the wheeled and shielded carriage, starting in 1943. However, production of the Maxim did not end until 1945. In addition to the main infantry version, there were aircraft-mounted and naval variants. Some were fitted with a tractor radiator cap fitted on top of the water jacket to allow handfuls of snow to be packed in to melt while firing.  
13. Practicality in action 600 round/min, 740 m/s (2,427 ft/s), cloth 250-round belt – Heavy gun to move around made a bit easier with the wheeled mount. Same functionally as the German MG08.. Extensively used by army’s around the world and in service for almost 40 years. With a sustainable rate of fire, circa 600rpm and being water-cooled the maxim was a formidable weapon in the field. Effective range of up to 2000m maximum range of 3500m. 250 round fabric belt fed  
04. Chamberings 7.62x54mmR