Bren Mk II .303” light machine gun

01. Original name Bren Light Machine gun Mk2  
02. Other official names   
03. Popular names Bren  
04. Chamberings .303″ British, 8x56mm (Bulgaria), 8.57mm (China) and 7.62x51mm Nato (post WW2)  
05. Designed by Vaclev Holek, Brno Factory, Czechoslovakia  
06. Design date 1935  
07. In service date(s) 1935 to 1971  
08. Adopted by UK , Canada, 72 countries world wide  
09. Production quantities No reliable total figure found but Royal Smallarms Factory, Enfield were producing 1000 per week in 1943  
10. Mechanism Gas operated, tilting bolt  
11. Weight 22.83lb unloaded  
12. Mountings Standard fitted with built in bi-pod. Tri-pod mount available for indirect fire mode. Various mounts were devised for anti aircraft use. Pintle mount used for some vehicle use.  
13. Practicality in action Generally considered a reliable and effective Light Machine Gun. Could be prone to jams if not kept clean, but well liked and easy to maintain.  
14. Comments / Other information Introduced 1941 – production simplification of 1937 Mk I, chambered for .303” Service round: uses a 28 round box magazine (and 100-round drum magazine for AA fire); cyclic rate about 550rpm; weight without magazine 23.25lb; quick change barrel. Manufactured in UK, Canada and India (Canadian example filmed).