Berthier 1890 magazine bolt-action rifle 8x50mmR

01. Original name Modele 1892 Mousqueton d’Artillerie  
02. Other official names Mousqueton Mle 1892  
03. Popular names Berthier 92 carbine, 92 Berthier Artillery Carbine  
04. Chamberings 8×50mmR Lebel Balle “M” and Balle “D”  
05. Designed by Emile Berthier  
06. Design date 1890 (cavalry carbine) 1892 for this version  
07. In service date(s) 1890-1936 (later with different countries post WWI)  
08. Adopted by France, Greece. Many other nations post WWI  
09. Production quantities Not known exactly but at French mobilisation in 1914 there were 384000 Mle 1892 carbines on roll. Overall production of all Berthier rifles and carbines are estimated at over 2375000 but many were converted from one model to another  
10. Mechanism Berthier Bolt action, Mannlicher 3-round clip  
11. Weight 3,1 kg / 6,83 lbs  
12. Mountings Sling mounts are on the side of the middle barrel band and on the toe of the butt  
13. Practicality in action The M92 artillery carbine was easy to use and lightweight. The sabre bayonet was over a third as long as the carbine, and the limitations of the three shot clip were soon realised. The sleek design has its roots in the cavalry carbine of 1890 where a main concern was snagging on equipment  
14. Comments / Other information The carbine featured here was made at the government factory Manufacture d’armes de Châtellerault, dated 1915 although records show it was probably made in 1914. This example has escaped being converted to a later version (M16) with its five-round clip post 1916 and also escaped the conversion to the later Balle N ammunition in the 1930s