Antique Firearms – Transition period ends 22 September 2021

As most members will be aware the law on antique firearms has changed. The Home Office have sent the following reminder that the transition period ends on 22nd September 2021.

For the revolvers chambered for cartridges coming off the list Sect 7(1) remains the preferred option for owners where possible, which should be the majority of cases.

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Antique Firearms – action required before 22 September 2021

Some firearms that could previously be possessed without a firearm certificate as an antique are now subject to licensing. Owners of such firearms have until 22 September 2021 to apply to the police for a firearms certificate if they wish to keep them. Alternatively, they can surrender, sell or otherwise dispose of their firearm before 22 September 2021.

Further information about the antique firearms affected by the Antique Firearms Regulations 2021, and the options for owners, can be found on (view information on changes to the law on antique firearms).