Mauser 7.92mm Sporting Rifle

Mauser 7.92mm Sporting Rifle

After the First world War, the defeated German Army were only allowed to keep 100.000 Service rifles, the rest had to be scrapped. However, many of the discarded actions were acquired by gunsmiths all over Germany, to form the basis of sporting rifles, and this is one of them.

All the military markings have been removed, although the charger guide and receiver cut-out are still present, clearly indicating their military origin, although there are no other marks, no makers name or serial number, only proof marks.

The original bolt has been altered to a “butter-knife” shape, replacing the round-knob bolt handle. There is also some discreet engraving. The military sights have been replaced with a flip-up sporting rear sight set at 100 and 200 metres. The barrel has also been shortened and fitted with a post and dot foresight, and the woodwork is now of a sporting character, with a Monte-Carlo style stock (the cheek-piece on the butt) and a curved Schnabel fore-end.

Most important is the sporting double-set trigger, or triggers, and this is how they work.

The front trigger requires normal pressure to be taken to release it, and this can be used on it own in the normal manner. However, if you press the rear trigger, until you feel and hear it click, then the front trigger requires only the slightest touch to release it, sometimes called a hair-trigger. This is to aid the prospective hunter who, having acquired his target, can then take his shot with more precision.