Heritage Pistol – Section 7.1 and 7.3 clarification

This follows the Forum request regarding clarification on Sect 7.
As you will all know HBSA was at the forefront of founding Sect 7 in order to preserve heritage following the pistol ban.
The Guide on Firearms Licensing is clear and the up to date on line version is here:-
Chapter 9 deals with Historic handguns and there are also some useful references in Chapter 8 and Appendix 3 Paragraphs 13 and 14. This sets out what is needed clearly. Paragraph 9.4, 2 (b) refers to all ammunition not listed in paragraph 9.8 (not to be confused with the Obsolete Carriage List).
There is also a description on our website >>>>
I get requests from both members and police FLDs to assist with Sect 7 acquisitions and they are usually resolved quickly and satisfactorily. If any member has any issues with a particular FLD or item with which they need assistance I suggest they contact me at :   chairman@hbsa-uk.org
As has been said a serial number may be useful in establishing a date for reference with your FLD. There may be some small variation on how different FLDs proceed but in practice you need a variation to acquire your pistol. Once you have a variation and have identified a suitable purchase you may agree with your FLD the next step. This is likely to be reprinting your FAC with the pistol on it.  Your RFD can then get it to you as you may agree – in the case of 7.3 delivered at your Designated Site, and you can confirm to your FLD by email that you have taken physical possession  
In addition to studying the Guide I remind members that, as Stuart Taylor advised, to purchase any Section 1, 7.1 or 7.3 firearm you must have the permission in the form of a variation first. You cannot pay for a firearm and leave it with the dealer until you get a variation. The law takes the view that once you fully pay, it is your property and without a suitable variation you would be in illegal possession. A deposit may be made to show intent which is why Auction Houses take part payment until you can produce your FAC with a valid variation for the firearm to be entered on it. If you do fully pay without having an appropriate variation on your FAC then both you and the RFD risk prosecution.
I trust that this may assist
Best wishes
Derek Stimpson 
18 May 2022