HBSA Historic Pistol Targets

The HBSA have produced modern scaled reproductions of the contemporary 1880s Martin Smith ‘Sporting Rifle Target’ for use in competitions for both rifles and pistols. The original target scored 6 for the 3″ bull, but as firearms became more accurate a new smaller 2″ central ring was added which scores 7.

The dimensions of the original target were appropriate for revolver shooting at 20 yards, but as more and more UK ranges adopted the international 25 metre format, Jim Hallam for the HBSA created a larger target correctly scaled for 455 revolvers at 25 metres. A further scaled up target was produced for use at 50 metres.

Heritage Pistol (S7.3) clubs use the 25m target as being appropriate for heritage pistols. The HBSA use the 20yd target at 25 metres for the August Miniature Rifle competitions, and at both 25m and 50m for the Historic Rook & Rabbit competitions. The NRA use the 25m target in IHAM and Trafalgar meetings.

HBSA Historic 20yd Pistol Target
HBSA Historic 25m Pistol Target

20 yards Target

Starting from the outer ring and going inwards:

305mm (12”) diameter (white, scores 2)
229mm (9”) (white, scores 3)
165mm (6 ½”) (white, scores 4)
115mm (4 ½”) (white, scores 5)
78mm (3”) (black aiming mark, scores 6)
51mm (2”) (black aiming mark, scores 7)
25.4mm (1”) (white dotted ring, scores 7.1)

25 metre (scaled from 20yds)

 Starting from the outer ring and going inwards:

419mm diameter (white, scores 2)
315mm (white, scores 3)
228mm (white, scores 4)
160mm (white, scores 5)
107mm (black aiming mark, scores 6)
74mm (black aiming mark, scores 7)

HBSA Classic Pistol Target dimensions

20 yard20 yard25 metre25 metre50 metre50 metre